Melanie Huggins

Public Library Association

Candidate for President Elect


Public Librarians from the Shoman Library in Amman, Jordan, participating in collaborative sketching. 

Service ​Design and Customer Experience Work

I've worked within my own community and libraries around the United States and around the world, sharing how putting the needs of people at the center of designing services can transform the way we think about and solve community problems.

Showman Library Foundation 
I'm in English but everyone else is speaking in Arabic. It was a great time giving the keynote and workshopping with the librarians and the slowest I've ever spoken! 

TedX Columbia

I gave a TedX talk about transforming our library's customer experience from the inside out. Here it is!

Do Good Columbia
Do Good Columbia is a community design jam, created and facilitated by Richland Library staff. Over 115 community members spent two days using human-centered design techniques to improve access and enjoyability of Columbia's rivers.
After 12 teams pitched their ideas, one team was awarded $50,000 and used it to turn an underutilized river site into a popular event and gathering site. This video interview describes the process and program.

Designing the Future

Richland Library is front and center in this Library Journal article about the use of service design in libraries. Read it here.